Te Tai Nui A Hau

Te Tai Nui a Hau PakataiTE TAI NUI A HAU––the proposed large scale MPA of the Marquesas was a guest site at Big Ocean’s 6th Business Meeting held in Sydney in conjunction with the 2014 World Parks Congress. The video (3:45min) showcases the amazing qualities of the proposed large-scale site and the importance of culture and intergenerational connection of community to this very special marine area. 

The footage showcases the pristine beauty of the Marquesas archipelago. It has an incredible rich biodiversity where an abundance of planktons attracts a great number of hammerhead sharks, marine mammals and endemic species.

The ocean is the livelihood of its inhabitants. The video specially highlights a fascinating local initiative: the creation of an educational managed marine protected area.

TE TAI NUI A HAU is a large scale marine protected area currently in the process of creation in the Marquesas Archipelago and will extend over 700 000 Square KM. This marine protected area will be created by the French Polynesian Government in partnership with France, mayors of Marquesas and professional representatives and the civil society.