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The creation of the IUCN Large Scale MPA Task Force (LSMPATF) was formally announced at the 3rd International Marine Protected Area Congress held in Marseille, France in 2013. Created by IUCN’s WCPA-Marine section in partnership with Big Ocean the LSMPATF was created to respond to the global call for increasing the coastal and marine areas under effective protection (e.g. Aichi Target 11) by sharing the experiences and knowledge regarding the design, planning and management of large-scale MPAs within the IUCN community of professionals. The current chair and deputy chair are ʻAulani Wilhelm and Jon Day respectively.

The Task Force further aims to support existing, peer-to-peer networks outside of IUCN that are focused on sharing information and increasing knowledge on how to effectively manage large-scale MPAs (e.g., Big Ocean, High Seas Alliance).  This may include supporting the ability of such outside, peer-to-peer networks to engage with and receive the support of the WCPA-Marine and wider IUCN community of professionals.

The main objectives of the LSMAPTF are:

  • To serve as a community of practice within IUCN that speaks directly from the global trend of declaring, designing, planning and managing large-scale MPAs. This community of practice will establish mechanisms by which information and tools can be disseminated within IUCN regarding large-scale MPA
  • To support efforts to collect, document, and share the growing body of management and policy experience, law, and scientific and cultural knowledge that will guide future large-scale MPA practices.
  • To communicate and promote the application of clear and practical management guidance on the design, planning and implementation of large-scale MPAs within IUCN. Such clear and practical guidance includes written publications and online materials produced by IUCN/WCPA-Marine.

Task Force products and activities will likely include: publications, guidelines, best-practice guidance (e.g., Guidelines for the Design and Management of Large-Scale MPAs forthcoming in 2015); provision of a community of practice voice on large-scale MPA management within WCPA-Marine/IUCN; outreach (conference presentations, workshops, website, social networks); application of new technologies where applicable and appropriate (e.g., Google tools); provision of information on activities to WCPA – Marine and to SSC, and for protected area news in and outside of IUCN, as appropriate, on a regular basis; supporting pursuance of WCPA, SSC and IUCN goals where appropriate; and supporting the development of initiatives with lead partner Big Ocean.

Co-Chair: ʻAulani Wilhelm (awilhelm@conservation.org)

Deputy Chair: Jon Day (jon.day@my.jcu.edu.au)

Additional Information:

Official MPA Blog Post (November 2013)