Member Sites

Current and Founding Member Sites listed in order of establishment:

*Note: Sites 10 through 14 in the following list are all part of the Australian Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network; descriptions for these five sites can be found under the same gallery below.

1. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (Australia)
2. Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and World Heritage Site (USA)
3. Phoenix Islands Protected Area and World Heritage Site (Republic of Kiribati)
4. Marianas Trench Marine National Monument (USA)
5. British Indian Ocean Marine Protected Area (United Kingdom)
6. Motu Motiro Hiva Marine Park (Chile)
7. Marae Moana––Cook Islands Marine Park (Cook Islands)
8. Le parc naturel de la mer de Corail––Natural Park of the Coral Sea (France)
9. Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (USA)
10. Argo-Rowley Terrace Commonwealth Marine Reserve (Australia)
11. Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve (Australia)
12. Macquarie Island Commonwealth Marine Reserve (Australia)
13. Norfolk Commonwealth Marine Reserve (Australia)
14. South-west Corner Commonwealth Marine Reserve (Australia)
15. Palau National Marine Sanctuary (Palau)
16. Parque Marino Nazca-Desventuradas (Chile)
17. Te Tai Nui A Hau (Marquesas, French Polynesia)