Big Ocean hosts a Google + Hangout


‘Going Big’ with Marine Protection was the Google + Hangout hosted by Big Ocean during the 2014 World Parks Congress. As the issue of  achieving protection targets through ‘going big’ has brought added scrutiny to the subject of large scale MPAs, the presenters sought to highlight the unique benefits of these sites to enhance ocean management and governance globally.

Moderated by Andrew Kornblatt of the Online Ocean Symposium, featured speakers were: ʻAulani Wilhelm, Big Ocean founder and ONMS Ocean Initiatives Program Director; Dr. Charles Sheppard, professor at University of Warwick (UK); Dr. Randall Kosaki, Chief Scientist and Deputy Superintendent for Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument; Dr. Carlos Gaymer, Universidad Catolica Del Norte (Chile); and Naiʻa Lewis, Big Ocean Coordinator and ONMS Ocean Initiatives Project Manager.

To watch the full Google + Hangout click here.