Full protection for 80% of Palau’s national maritime territory

Image courtesy of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary Campaign.

In recent years, the trend in the Pacific has been for tiny nations to make very big conservation commitments. Palau has just followed suit by designating 80 percent of the nation’s maritime territory as ʻfully protectedʻ through the Palau National Marine Sanctuary Act. “Today is a historic day for Palau, proving that a small island nation can have a big […]

6th Network Business Meeting • Sydney, Australia


Membership within Big Ocean more than doubled between the 5th and 6th business meetings. Not only did this underscore the relevance of the network for members, as managers and partners came together on 11 November just prior to the start of the 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, the tone of the day became was one of camaraderie and […]

ʻGoing Big’ in the Kermadecs


A vast stretch of New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone is being turned into an ocean sanctuary that will join ranks with the world’s largest marine managed areas. Prime Minister John Key announced the new site, which will encompass 620,000 km2 in the seas north-east of New Zealand in the Kermadec region. The Kermadec Ocean sanctuary will be […]

Human Dimensions Think Tank


HONOLULU––Given the rapid and recent growth in designation of Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas (LSMPAs) and the potential challenges associated with creation and ongoing management, it is both timely and important to convene a “think tank” to explore the social, cultural, political, institutional, and economic considerations and priorities––the human dimensions––of these sites. Scheduled for 8-10 February 2016 […]

Te Tai Nui A Hau

Te Tai Nui a Hau Pakatai

TE TAI NUI A HAU––the proposed large scale MPA of the Marquesas was a guest site at Big Ocean’s 6th Business Meeting held in Sydney in conjunction with the 2014 World Parks Congress. The video (3:45min) showcases the amazing qualities of the proposed large-scale site and the importance of culture and intergenerational connection of community […]

World Conservation Congress 2016

Big Ocean is currently in the process of developing proposals for the upcoming World Conservation Congress to be held in Hawai’i 1-10 September 2016. The network will provide additional information as the Congress approaches. As the Congress requires proposals to be collaborative the network is excited to be working with its partners IUCN and WCPA-Marine, […]

7th Network Business Meeting


7th Business Meeting February 11-12, 2016 Honolulu, Hawaiʻi Held in conjunction with the Human Dimensions Think Tank     Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. For questions or to connect with Big Ocean, please contact naia@bigoceanmanagers.org  

Where in the World is Big Ocean?

With several significant international fora coming up in the next three years Big Ocean members will be busy. Exactly how the network will engage at each event is still in discussion but be sure to look for possible Big Ocean presence at the following conferences: 2016 Human Dimensions Think Tank Honolulu, Hawaiʻi––February 8-10 Hosted by Big […]

14 Member Sites help protect more than 7 million square kilometers of ocean

Australia CMR estate

In the months leading up to the 2014 World Parks Congress, Big Ocean’s membership doubled with the addition of seven large-scale MPAs from New Caledonia, the United States, and Australia. Member sites are currently all of the 14 established large-scale MPAs world wide. Collectively, these sites represent seven countries and are helping to protect more than 7 million […]

Big Ocean hosts a Google + Hangout


‘Going Big’ with Marine Protection was the Google + Hangout hosted by Big Ocean during the 2014 World Parks Congress. As the issue of  achieving protection targets through ‘going big’ has brought added scrutiny to the subject of large scale MPAs, the presenters sought to highlight the unique benefits of these sites to enhance ocean management and governance […]