What We Do

Big Ocean seeks to engage in a variety of activities and initiatives, as well as create products that produce tangible, practical outcomes. Although there is overlap between the purpose and benefits of any given activity, to date the network has employed three general approaches to accomplishing our purpose and aims:


Capacity Building:
expanding the skills and professional experience of member site staff to improve operations at the site level and to enhance functioning of the network. Activities include: business meetings, staff exchanges and joint research cruises.

enhancing the development, collection, analysis and sharing of information (and knowledge) internally and externally. Activities include: membership surveys, outreach materials, maintaining a presence on the web and across social media, and presentations at international conferences.

Product Development:
the creation of tools and services that enhance management efforts; improve the design, establishment and long-term management of large-scale MPAs; increase the effectiveness of management actions; and further professionalize the field. Examples of tools an services include: Learning Exchanges, the Shared Research Agenda for Large-Scale Marine Managed Areas (published 2012), and Management Guidelines for Large-Scale MPAs (in development).


A research activity during the February 2013 joint expedition, where member sites BIOT and PMNM joined forces to build upon the 30 plus years of existing data from the Chagos Archipelago.